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Friday, July 24, 2015

Rev. Michael Pfleger Says Rapper Chief Keef Is to Blame for Violence in Chicago That Led to Killing of 14-Month-Old Boy !

July 23, 2015|10:02 am
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    Rev. Michael Pfleger
    (Photo: Facebook/ Michael Pfleger)
    Chicago Priest Michael Pfleger holds up sign displaying the number of murders during 4th of July weekend, 2014.
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An outspoken Chicago priest known for his social activism has blamed rapper Chief Keef's music for the murder and violence plaguing the city, and even attempted to shut down a benefit concert the rapper planned to raise money for a friend who was murdered earlier this month.
"We are midway through the summer with no budget and with cuts to programs that offer violence prevention and summer jobs to our youth — and we wonder why murder and shootings are up. The truth is the governor and this administration have made it clear they don't care," wrote St. Sabina pastor Rev. Michael Pfleger on Facebook.
"Yes, I said the music of Chief Keef is a contributing factor … and so is the abandonment and neglect of this governor. He says he wants to bring in businesses to address the unemployment problem. Well, Mr. Governor, you probably don't know, since you no longer show up on the Southside of Chicago," added Pfelger.

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