"Holy" Muslims

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#Breaking #Trump2016 #MUSLIM DOPE DEALERS - EXPOSING REAL #ISLAM !!! #Trump #TeamTrump

The "Holy" Muslims are the WORLD's LARGEST Growers of the Opium Poppy and Suppliers of Cocaine and Heroin.

The DEVOUT #MUSLIMS of AL-Qaeda, the Taliban, and #ISIS make BILLIONS by Smuggling Drugs into Europe.

These "Holy" men also work closely with MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS in the Tri-Border of South America and play a HUGE part in SMUGGLING COCAINE and HEROIN into the USA.

Our New Blog MUSLIM DOPE DEALERS will Expose the TRUTH about these SLIMEY MOTHERF**KERS who want the WORLD to think of them as "Holy" Warriors - when all they really are is 


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