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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#MUSLIM "Refugee" Center erupts in VIOLENCE after calls that CRIMINALS be LOCKED UP ! #Bare

NETHERLANDS: Fourth town erupts in violence over another Muslim ‘refugee’ center as Geert Wilders calls for “all Muslim male refugees to be locked up”

CY_j20zWYAAF-zjAngry crowd of more than 1,000 anti-Muslim invasion protesters attacked the council building in the center of the Dutch town of Heesch with eggs, projectiles, and an alleged Molotov cocktail on January 18, in the latest upsurge of militant Dutch resistance against the Muslim ‘refugee’ invasion of their country.

The riot came only hours after populist anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders called for Islamic male refugees to be kept locked up in asylum centres, saying such a move was needed to protect Dutch women after the New Year’s Eve assaults in Cologne, Germany.

New Observer  The riot, which took place between 6 and 9:15 p.m. on Monday evening, was an almost identical repetition of a similar protest carried out in the northern town of Geldermalsen in December 2015, and two earlier disturbances in the towns of Steenbergen and Purmerend.

According to a report by the Omroep Brabant news service, more than 1,000 white Dutch people gathered outside the Heesch town hall in response to a call by local activists to protest a council meeting taking place that evening.


Tensions have been growing in the town ever since the Labor Party-controlled council announced plans to build a nonwhite invader center there. These plans made provision for providing accommodation for at least 500 “refugees” for a “period of ten years”—all at the local taxpayers’ expense.

Although the organizers of the protest had asked for a “peaceful” demonstration, it was clear that the crowd which gathered firmly intended to physically attack the traitorous councilors who were holding a meeting to “discuss” the invader center.


There had been a number of warning signs that the local people were in a militant mood. Earlier, banners reading “AZC 500=Te Veel” (“asylum seekers center 500=too many”) had appeared in the town, and a dead pig had been strung up in a tree at the planned location of the invader center.

The militancy of the crowd surprised the organizer of the protest, Harm Ruijs, who distanced himself from the crowd’s actions. However, social media response on the protest meeting’s organizing Facebook page was overwhelmingly in favor.

A child can be seen holding a sign in Dutch. It reads in English: Asylum Center No! Council: You won’t help us with our own housing…”
A child can be seen holding a sign in Dutch. It reads in English: Asylum Center No! Council: You won’t help us with our own housing…”

Messages such as “We support you Heesch against the foreigners!” and “The council tries to barter away our land with the help of local politicians who no longer give a damn that this country is going down the tubes. Go ahead and keep fighting these people,” and “City Council: to listen to the people’s voice for zero migrants,” and “The Labor mayor should emigrate,” summed up the average response from the public


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