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Friday, January 8, 2016

#MUSLIMS Call #GERMAN RAPE Victims Bitches and Whores ! @Vienna

Selena’s Story: “They Called us Bitches and Whores”

Below is another first-hand account from New Year’s Eve at the Hauptbahnhof in Cologne. This one is from a young woman named Selena. She’s older than some of the other young women who have given their reports, and seems more self-possessed — she has a grasp of the larger motives at work that night, the desire to frighten and intimidate infidel women in addition to ordinary sexual urges.
Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

0:00 They called us bitches and whores
0:08 The horrors of the Cologne Silvester night, she experienced it first hand.
0:12 The 26-year-old Selena from Koblenz needs to process it; she wants to talk with us.
0:18 She was celebrating the New Year in Cologne with a friend of hers. As she then waited
0:21 at the station for her train back to Koblenz, she was suddenly in the middle of it all.
0:26 That was really like the most worst moment ever as we stood there, all alone, and all around us
0:31 stood hundreds of men, surrounding us, and we had no clue what they intended to do to us.
0:36 They all looked at us like we were free meat at the supermarket, fair game,
0:39 meat, checking to see if it’s still fresh…
0:43 There were hands that touched us, our butts, and other parts on our bodies, it is simply indescribable.
0:50 Never in my life before was I so afraid, you know…
0:53 it was really… yeah, it was really very very bad.
0:58 Who the men were: Selena describes them exactly the way all the other women are describing them.
1:02 Well I can tell you that they were southern-looking, southern type, darker skin, they spoke Arabic overwhelmingly.
1:08 With German, if you spoke German you didn’t get anywhere.
1:13 If you’d tried to, if you would’ve said, ‘Hey, I want to talk with you,’
1:17 the way I just said this, they wouldn’t have understood me at all.
1:21 The police were present, but apparently they did not intervene.
1:25 You could see that there were police at the scene, but they didn’t have a grip on the situation at all.
1:30 That’s what it looked like to me anyway. They were shot at, as you can see on video,
1:35 they were shot at with fireworks and rockets, I’m just thinking that they themselves were afraid as well.
1:41 Silvester 2016 in Cologne, the police first described the event as exuberant and peaceful.
1:46 It was a punch in the face for more than one hundred victims who lived through this horror.
1:50 They now demand clarity from the police.
1:54 Once I heard that in Hamburg similar things happened, and in Stuttgart as well.
1:59 Well, I just don’t know if one can still talk about it all being a coincidence, no?
2:02 But organized criminality? Selena doesn’t believe that.
2:06 It was obvious that the main object wasn’t to rob the victims.
2:10 Her cellphone would have been an easy catch, but nobody cared about it.
2:14 They really had anything else in mind but to steal my cellphone.
2:17 Definitely. I am one hundred percent convinced, otherwise I wouldn’t have it anymore.
2:21 I didn’t hang on to it. —What do you think they did have in mind?
2:25 I… humiliation. Take my dignity. I don’t know. Make me afraid. I just don’t know.
2:32 Satisfaction of sexual lust — I just can’t say. That’s a question only they can answer.


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