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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Egypt: Coptic #Christian tombs are being turned into “garbage dumps,” laments Christian leader @JIhaeatchRS

Coptic tomb garbage dumps
As often happens to Christian cemeteries in Muslim nations — whether at the hands of “ISIS” or the hands of “angry youth” — “the tombs of the Copts [Egypt’s indigenous Christians] are being turned into garbage dumps.”
This was the urgent and recent message from Fr. Ayoub Yousef, who heads the Coptic Catholic church of St. George in the village of Dalga, in Minya, Upper Egypt.
According to the priest, the local Coptic cemeteries are in a “piteous state,” as all forms of sewage and waste is being dumped into them to the point of filling the tombs.
Fr. Ayoub said that he had filed numerous complaints with the prime minister and many other officials “to no avail, to the point that the situation has become unacceptable.”  He is urging for “immediate intervention.”
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