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Friday, February 19, 2016

#Muslim Biker Gangs And Boxing Clubs Training To Take Over #Germany ! @Shoebat

Osmanen Germania –Ottoman Germany
That is the name of one of the German biker gangs who have promised to, working in coalition with other Muslim groups, to take over Europe. While European mean have been sissifying themselves trying to become like women and the women have been trying to become like men, these Muslim gangs are literally preparing themselves for an aggressive, long, existential struggle to conquer Germany for Allah and Islam.
In the ‘Rocker Environment” (‘Rocker’ is German for “biker environment”), the Osman Germania Boxing club is the fastest growing group. The police are concerned. The club shows itself to be martial – even towards the Hells Angels.
The muscular rapper boxes into the camera and yells: “Frontal attack now, understood?” Around him stand broad shouldered, brutal looking men. They wear leather jackets with the label “Osmania Germania”. Repeatedly they direct guns into the camera.
The video was posted on Facebook, and right at the beginning the group formulates their aspirations: “We are coming and will take the whole country”, says a voice in the off, while pictures are alternating between wild hordes of horsemen in the desert and the posing rockers. “Men, who will stand their ground in the battlefield until the last drop of their blood”, the voice tells us.

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