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Saturday, February 13, 2016

#MUSLIM UK cop ‘groomed’ children on Facebook for #PROSTITUTION ! @Peace

A policeman with an obsessive interest in teenage girls ‘trawled’ Facebook for young victims to have
sex with, a jury heard today.

Mohammad Arshad, 35, groomed
numerous underage girls over the
Internet, cruised around Luton with
them in his black Mercedes and
persuaded to have sexual activity
with him, it was alleged.
He persistently pestered them for
sex and raped one 14 year old one \
on the back seat of his car, St Albans
Crown Court was told.
Arshad, who called himself Waz,
is said to have contacted schoolgirls
over Facebook, Blackberry Messenger,
WhatsAp or mobile phones and texts.
Prosecutor James Newton-Price told
a jury: “ He flattered girls and
complimented them and sent sexually
suggestive messages.
“Some of the girls liked the attention
and may have been flattered, but if
they are under 16 it doesn’t matter.
“Most refused his sexual advances.
Some thought it was a joke. He
persistently pestered girls for sex or some sort of touching or groping.”
Mr Newton-Price said the youngest
of the girls was 13, nearly 14. Arshad
sent her a picture of his penis. Another 14 year old, who was allegedly raped in the back of his car, had never had sex before.
He said the girls were very
impressionable and at a vulnerable
It was also alleged that Arshad
paid one 16 year old girl for sex -
some that was illegal as she was
aged under 18.
The prosecutor said the police
officer would have known they
were under age, as most were still at secondary school. It would have been obvious they’d have been under 16 or there would have been a high risk of it, he said.
The prosecutor went on: “He was
more aware of the letter of the law t
han most people because he had
a responsible position in the community.
“At the time he was seeking sexual
contact with under age teenage girls,
he was also a Police Constable
with Bedfordshire police. “
Mr Newton-Price said Arshad
applied to join the force in 2013
and was interviewed in April 2014,
becoming a probationer. “He didn’t
last long because these matters
came to the attention of other
police officers by October 2014.
He was suspended from duty and
remains so,” said the prosecutor.
The court was told that when his
home was searched, images of
teenage girls were found on his 
Blackberry phone. 188 more images 
of teenage girls were also on his 
computers. “We say the images are 
clear evidence of an obsessive 
interest in  teenage girls,” said 
Mr Newton-Price.
He told the jury that Arshad
contacted and arranged to meet
numerous teenage girls. 12 of
the 13 girls were aged under
16 and too young to consent
to sexual activity with an adult.
Arshad, of Ferndale Road, Luton,
denies 22 charges. 11 are causing
a child to engage in sexual activity,
3 of sexual activity with a child,
4 of meeting a child following
sexual grooming, one of rape,
supplying cannabis, causing a
child to watch a sexual act
and paying for the sexual
services of a child.
The charges relate to 13 alleged
victims who were aged between
13 and 16 at the time. The charges
cover a period between October
2012 until December 2014.
When questioned by the police,
he gave a prepared statement
saying he thought the girls were
aged 16 or over.
The trial is expected to last
3 weeks
Case proceeding

Read more: http://www.bedfordtoday.co.uk/news/local/luton-cop-groomed-children-on-facebook-1-7205434#ixzz404BD

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