ByPAMELA GELLER on February 1, 2016
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I was Tomi Lahren’s first guest on the premiere of her show on The Blaze TV. We discuss a wide range of jihad-related subjects — the migrant crisis, the myth of islamophobia, President Obama, the GOP debate’s Nabeela Noor, mosque closures and more.
MIGRANT CRISIS: Immigration jihad. This is a Hijra, emigration for the sake of Allah, to conquer and Islamize the new land — evidence is the warning from Isis and the fact that most migrants are young Muslim men — if they were really refugees, they wouldn’t have left their families in a war zone.
In Cologne, they were acting according to Islamic law regarding treatment of Infidel women.
MOSQUES: Mosques must be monitored — 4 separate studies since 1998 show that 80% of US mosques teach hatred of unbelievers and the need to replace constitution with sharia. The San Bernardino and Garland jihadis and others have been active in their mosques — what is taught there? Trump’s proposal makes sense — no one who has called him a bigot has offered any way to distinguish jihadis from peaceful migrants.
ISLAMOFAUXBIA: Islamophobia is a propaganda term designed to intimidate people into being afraid to oppose jihad terror. It is a thought-crushing devise — a tactic of Islamic supremacists to label any opposition to jihad terror and sharia oppression bigotry. It is not bigotry to stand for freedom and individual rights.
FREE SPEECH: It is more threatened than anyone realizes — the attacks on me after Garland show that people don’t understand the principle that is at stake — if we limit speech, we invite tyranny.
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