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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


A man helps children run away after Macedonian police fired tear gas at a group of migrants as they tried to push their way into Macedonia on Feb. 29.
Photo: AP
Desperate refugees — including these children burrowing under a fence — broke across the Macedonian-Greek border on Monday as families from war-torn Syria and Iraq bottlenecked in a village in northern Greece.
About 22,000 refugees are stuck in Greece now, about 6,500 of them in Idomeni, where some grew tired of waiting at overcrowded camps.
Many of these refugees are headed north in hopes of traveling through Macedonia and reaching Serbia, with some exclaiming en route, “Open the border!” and “We want to go to Serbia!”
Macedonia, which sent additional cops and helicopters in hopes of quelling the border intrusions, said it would only allow as many people into its nation as Serbia would accept on the other end.
“Very many people were forced to sleep in the open, without tents, wrapped in blankets,” said Syrian refugee Nidal Jojack, 45. “It was very cold. The borders are effectively closed, it’s a huge problem. To get food, we have to wait in very long queues.”
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