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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Devout #Muslim preachers MURDER of apostates, hatred of women and gays #ISLAM #TERROR @Atlas

ByPAMELA GELLER on April 21, 2016

Sharia for Britain
This isn’t “extremist literature.” This is Islam. But the British refuse to face that fact. They’re too busy keeping counter-jihadis out of the country to notice.
“UK prison imams are free to spread hatred: Preachers found to be distributing extremist literature including homophobic and misogynistic leaflets,” by Tammy Hughes and Hugo Gye, MailOnline, April 19, 2016:
Muslim preachers approved by the Government are routinely distributing extremist literature in British prisons leaving hundreds of inmates at risks of radicalisation, a leaked report has found.
The extremist review, ordered by Michael Gove last year, found extremist CDs and pamphlets in more than 10 jails in November, it was reported today.
Inspectors also found hate tracts encouraging the murder of apostates, misogynistic and homophobic leaflets and extreme Islamic literature preaching contempt for British society.
The report is said to have sparked panic among officials who are worried about being seen to have lost control of jails – but ministers have not yet approved its publication.
A leaked version of the review, which began in September under former prison governor and Home Office mandarin Ian Acheson, was published by The Times today.
The findings are understood to have sparked an urgent internal alert because of the risk of ‘severe reputational damage’ to the Ministry of Justice.
There was evidence that a large number of clerics were from the Deobandi sect, which traditionally promotes conservative anti-British ideology.
A website promoting the Deobandi movement says loyalty is owed only to the global brotherhood of Muslims while integration into British society is denounced.
The Deobandi sect was founded 150 years ago in south Asia and Deobandi seminaries produce 80 per cent of UK-trained Islamic clerics.
The movement takes its name from the town of Deoband in northern India, but has spread around the world thanks to the movement of populations.
Leaders in the sect tend to promote a conservative interpretation of Islam, although they have also spoken out against violent extremism in the past.
One Deobandi scholar, Masood Azhar, drew adoring crowds on a visit to Britain in the 1990s where he urged young people to ‘prepare for jihad’, and is now wanted for his involvement in a deadly attack on an Indian military base.
A website promoting the Deobandi sect says loyalty is owed only to the global brotherhood of Muslims while integration into British society is denounced.
It states that to befriend a non-Muslim risks pollution while those considering marrying a Christian or Jew are warned that their ‘repulsive qualities will filter into Muslim homes’.
It adds that a woman’s place is in the home and urges Muslims to reject unIslamic acts such as music, singing, dancing, watching television, playing chess, reading novels watching drama and watching football.
But Michael Spurr, chief executive of the National Offender Management Service (Noms), has praised the movement saying that its teachings support ‘fundamental British values such as democracy, individual liberty and mutual respect’.
Chaplains at several of the prisons, who are appointed by the Ministry of Justice, were found to be encouraging inmates to raise funds for Islamic charities linked to international terrorism.
And a lack of scrutiny and weak corporate guidance meant that there was little or no assessment of the suitability of materials or the effect they would have on ‘impressionable minds’.
A Whitehall source said that the material was kept in prison chaplaincy rooms and was available for anyone to come in and pick it up.
Prisons in England and Wales held 12,328 Muslim inmates at the start of this year, of which 131 were convicted terrorists. A further 1,000 were deemed vulnerable to radicalisation….
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/04/uk-prison-imams-spread-hatred-devout-muslim-preachers-distributing-leaflets-encouraging-murder-of-apostates-hatred-of-women-and-gays.html/#sthash.eFu6EmxA.dpuf

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