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Thursday, April 14, 2016

#MUSLIM 'Migrant INVASION will be repeated' EU #TERROR #JIHAD #ISIS

 boss admits ALARMING numbers are to enter Europe

ALARMING numbers of migrants are to enter Europe from Libya and there will be no way to send them back, the European Council president has admitted.

donald tuskGETTY
Donald Tusk says 'alarming' numbers of migrants are set to enter Europe
Donald Tusk said the “never-ending story” of the migrant crisis will be repeated unless urgent action is taken.
The continent has hurtled into chaos since the crisis began, with around one million migrants having landed on Greek islands.
And the former Polish president has warned there will be no way to send migrants back to the North African country, describing an easy solution as “virtually impossible”.
libya migrantsGETTY
Large numbers of migrants are set to enter from Libya
Tusk said: “Convenient and easy solutions are hard to find in politics, and in this case, they are virtually impossible.
“What we are faced with is a perpetual, tenuous and multi-dimensional effort. In fact, something like a never-ending story.
“The solutions we are putting into practice are not ideal and will not end our work.”The man who brokered the controversial £4.7billion deal between the EU and Turkey last month was speaking after more than 4,000 migrants were rescued off the coast of Italy in just 48 hours.
Italy is the most likely destination for would-be migrants coming from war-torn Libya with officials in Vienna expecting a minimum of 300,000 people to land in the country this year.
migrants boatGETTY
Thousands of people have died while trying to cross from Libya to the central Mediterranean
Tusk added: “The numbers of would-be migrants in Libya are alarming.
“This means that we must be prepared to help.
The EU and Turkey signed a controversial £4.7billion deal last month
“Since the start of this year, 20,000 irregular migrants have come to Europe via the central Mediterranean route and the numbers are growing.
“But no Syrians are among them. They are nationals of African countries such as Nigeria, Somalia, Gambia, the Republic of Guinea and Ivory Coast.

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