500039440Echoing the words of their Muslim-pandering NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, New York liberals have been pushing for open borders and demanding more Muslim refugees be allowed into the U.S., labeling anyone who disagrees as “racist” and “Islamophobic.” Little did one community in Brooklyn know what a large, ostentatious mosque in the neighborhood would do to their quality of life.


The Gothamist via MadWorldNews reports that hundreds of residents near the border of Queens and Brooklyn are complaining that the Masjid-al-Amana is “too, too noisy,” citing the raucous Azan (Muslim Call to Prayer) that blasts from the mosque’s speakers 5 times a day. Beginning at the break of dawn, the Islamic call to prayer jerks the community out of sleep, reminding them that “Allahu Akbar” means “our god is greater than your god, your country, and your laws.”


It’s no secret that Muslims supremacists demand special rights and accommodations from their host countries. And the only-too-willing Left bends over backwards to change their own culture for Muslim religious demands.

But leftists are finding out that their progressive utopia isn’t the goal of their favored minority. In fact, Europe News reports that Brooklyn residents have filed 156 complaints to police about the noise levels at the mosque, yet authorities have issued no fines, proving the religious group has special privilege.

DeBlasio ordered the hiring of hundreds more Muslims for law enforcement
DeBlasio ordered the hiring of hundreds more Muslims for law enforcement

Now the residents of East New York in Brooklyn are being awakened before dawn with the eardrum shattering Muslim call to prayer which is repeated four more times during the day at different times every day. And there’s nothing they can do about it.


And this isn’t simply a call to prayer. This guttural blaring is a war cry that lets every “unbeliever” know Islam is superior to every other ideology and deserves special privilege. Just as “Allahu Akbar” is a declaration to unbelievers that “Allah is greater, and we’re about to show you just how much greater he is,” we find that their religious “requirements” hold precedence over our own allegedly inalienable rights.