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Monday, May 16, 2016


“I Hate The Refugees. I Want Them All Out.” German Woman Speaks From The Heart About The Islamic Invasion Of Europe

This is a short clip, but you can tell the woman, who is simply an average German woman, is speaking sincerely:
Consider that Germany is possibly one of the most socially liberal nations in the world. In the not so recent past (and still today), you could mock German people, heritage, culture, and life, and they would laugh with you. This is the same Germany that has lived, since the Second World War, a life that is practically hedonistic, godless, and devoid of substance. In the words of one German tourist I spoke with many years ago, when I asked him his opinions about politics, religion, and life in Germany, his response was (paraphrased) “We don’t really care. We Germans just try to live our lives and that is all.” These are also the same people who greeted the Muslims with signs, teddy bears, and an endless supply of free things when Merkel abandoned her nation’s national borders and attempted to import the third world into Central Europe.
Germany has been cozy to Islam since the days leading up to the Protestant reformation, but now it has been approximately six months since the “Muslim experiment” began. Look at how, within merely half a year, the German people have turned against the Muslim refugees, from welcoming them with open arms and hugs to literally hating them and wanting them gone.
Now the German people bear as much as a responsibility as does the German government for this crisis. Politicians do not drop out of the sky or pass through a membrane from another dimension, but as selfish and power seeking as they are, they come from the very people who elected them, which also means they went to the same schools, watch the same TV shows, eat the same foods, and live more or less the same lifestyle (albeit paid for by the taxpayer). Essentially, politicians are a reflection of the baser aspects of the current culture- the worse the politicians, the worse are the actual people from which they were generated.
But that said, people can and do change their minds. After all, that is precondition of free will- the ability to choose a different opinion than before, and that can be for good or evil. Many German people, for reasons of altruistic naivete, chose to accept Merkel’s refugee plan- after all, much of modern German culture is based almost on an identity of rejecting their heritage than embracing it, and this is everything from their cultural accomplishments all the way down to their biological makeup. To an extent, I also believe Merkel possessed a certain kind of naivete, but at the same time, like all politicians, she did it for reasons of power- she was told to do so by people more powerful than her, and as such she would be able to continue to stay in power. These two perversions united and helped to conceive and bear the rotten fruit of Germany’s forced Islamization.
The German people’s minds are collectively changing, for they are very angry and have every right to be. Regardless of their past mistakes, regardless of whether or not they should have done something differently, the fact is they are facing the consequences for this and now want to stop the results. Who can blame them? They have realized that their own government has turned against them, that it views them as second class citizens in their own ancestral homeland, that they are being excluded from participation in their own sociocultural systems of support- systems which were build for Germans and which they have generously allowed non-Germans to use- and preference is being given to these refugees. That these refugees have absolutely no respect at all for the free clothing, food, housing, drink, job benefits, and everything else which they have been given, as they destroy it at their own hands because they can and then complain about not having more.
The Germans are realizing that the Muslim refugees have come only for one reason- power. They have come to conquer. Yet when the German people ask their government for help, the government responds by doubling down in favor of the abhorrent refugees. Not only that, but to add insult to injury, the same government has begun to prosecute German people for “hate crimes” for merely saying anything that could be perceived as offensive by a Muslim.
It’s the same everywhere- not just in Germany
The German people have now realized that this idea of “hate crimes” is impossible to institute in society. For as much as I despise “hate crimes,” the idea of a “hate crimes” law depends upon (a) an accepted cultural belief by the majority about what constitutes “hate” and (b) a willingness to respect boundaries on behalf of others. Muslims violate both of these standards because they claim they are allowed to commit crimes that would be constituted under German law clearly as “hate crimes,” yet if somebody does something which a Muslim considers (emphasizing that the “crime” in question does not have to be a crime under German law) “offensive,” that person is immediately guilty of a “hate crime” a needs to be punished immediately and without mercy. The only “boundaries” that exist are for the German people, whereas the Muslims have no boundaries, and should one apply the same bounds to them, they immediately complain and lash out with barbaric violence in order to silence or terrorize people into submission. Islam, instead of being “the religion of peace,” is truly “the religion of the perpetually offended,” since nothing can be done ever to appease Allah or his followers except for total, mindless, spineless submission to the will of their tyrannical diety and its minister of death, Mohammed. Why else would Merkel allow for President Erdogan to treat her and her nation like inferiors?
They are coming
Approximately a million “refugees” have come to Germany, and at least a million more are expected this year. Why do I say “approximately?” Because nobody- not even Germany- has (or claims to have) any idea about how many people are actually there. They are just being allowed to pour in like water through a pipe, and all of this is being done without regard to the wishes of the people. Put frankly, the very tolerant German people are losing their tolerance for these refugees very fast.
Germany’s problems stem from her rejection of the Faith. This is true for Germany’s woes going back hundreds of years, a corrupt tree bearing rotten fruit and is bearing it once again with this refugee crisis.
What will the future be? Will Germany become Muslim? I do not know.
I can however, tell you one thing.
The current situation cannot endure. There are a lot of Germans, even in the government, who hate what is happening right now.
The stage is being set. All that is needed is an Archduke Franz Ferdinand and history will repeat itself again. Except this time, the stakes are much higher.


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