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Sunday, May 8, 2016

London's #MUSLIM Mayor Ties to #TERROR ! #ISIS #ISLAM

UK: Conservatives unapologetic for highlighting Muslim London mayor’s ties to jihadis

Even the clueless and compromised dhimmi David Cameron was accused of “racism” for noting Sadiq Khan’s notably hospitable attitude toward Islamic supremacists and jihadists. This is the way these things always work nowadays: if you dare to mention that there are reasons to believe that a Muslim may be involved in jihad activity or, as in this case, clearly positive toward jihadists, it’s yourfault, and a clear sign of “racism” and “Islamophobia,” even if the charges are accurate.
Leftists and Islamic supremacists have used such charges for years, and have succeeded in stigmatizing any discussion of how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims as “bigotry” — which is why such discussions are so seldom pursued, and never in mainstream fora.
And so this Reuters story is all about how the wicked Conservatives are “unapologetic” for raising Khan’s ties to “extremists.” Reuters publishes no articles about the possible implications of Khan’s ties to “extremists.” The only concern is how “racist” the Conservative Party is.
Michael Fallon
“Conservatives unapologetic over tactics as Khan becomes London’s first Muslim mayor,” by Kate Holton, Reuters, May 7, 2016:
LONDON (Reuters) – Sadiq Khan of Britain’s opposition Labour Party was sworn in as Mayor of London on Saturday, becoming the first Muslim to head a major European capital after an election campaign marked by the ruling Conservatives’ efforts to link him to extremism.
The son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver and a seamstress, Khan defeated Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, the son of a billionaire financier, by a record margin to secure the biggest individual mandate in British political history….
Politicians from all sides lined up to condemn the Conservative Party tactics in the race, but in the aftermath, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon refused to apologise.
“In the rough and tumble of elections, you get stuff said, questions asked,” Fallon told the BBC. “I think it is right that candidates for some of the most important offices in Britain do get scrutinised about their past associations.”
Conservatives including Prime Minister David Cameron and Fallon himself had questioned whether London would be safe under the control of Khan, a former human rights lawyer who grew up in public housing in the capital’s inner city.
“They used fear and innuendo to try to turn different ethnic and religious groups against each other – something straight out of the Donald Trump playbook,” Khan told the Observer newspaper.
Many commentators said the focus on religion had backfired in a city noted for its diversity.
During the race Goldsmith had joined forces with Cameron and other senior party members to question Khan’s past appearances alongside radical Muslim speakers at public events, accusing him of giving “oxygen” to extremists.
During one heated session in parliament, Labour lawmakers accused Cameron of racism when he repeatedly raised the issue.
Khan said he had fought extremism all his life and regretted sharing a stage with speakers who held “abhorrent” views….
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