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Saturday, May 21, 2016


Where boys learn to fire weapons and recite the Koran

ByPAMELA GELLER on May 20, 2016
ISIS child soldiers
This is how the ISIS savages are training their children. Meanwhile, our children are being taught that guns are evil, that our Founding Fathers were racist sexist slaveowners, and that it is islamofauxbic to resist jihad terror. How do you think the conflict between the two will turn out?
Islamic State child assassin
“The child assassins being trained to kill with machineguns almost as big as they are: ISIS reveal terror camp where boys learn to fire weapons and recite the Koran,” by Julian Robinson, MailOnline, May 16, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
These are the child assassins being trained at an ISIS terror camp to kill with machine guns almost as big as they are.
Footage shows boys from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines firing Kalashnikov rifles and handguns at a camp in the terror group’s stronghold of Hasakeh, northeastern Syria.
Under the watchful eye of adult extremists, the children step forward and fire their weapons and take part in physical training exercise.
The 15-minute propaganda video, called ‘The Generation of the Epic Battles’ is accompanied by hypnotic music and concludes with the youngsters burning their passports.
According to Vocativ, the video starts with an ISIS extremist called Abu Naser al-Indonisi calling the boys the sons of terror group’s caliphate.
It includes footage of the children quoting the Koran and urging ISIS supporters to move to the ‘land of Islam’, insisting ‘our path is jihad’.
The children then dump their passports on the ground before one of their mentors sets them alight.
It comes a day after barbaric ISIS militants released footage purporting to show two French boys executing prisoners in a remote forest.
The video, released by ISIS’s propaganda wing in an attempt to lure French nationals to its territory, is titled ‘In the Footsteps of My Father’.
Two French-speaking boys are the focus of the video as it shows them training with weapons and given an education in the group’s fanatical interpretation of Islam….
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